buy Kitten Stapler

Kitten Stapler

Cute Cat stapler

A kitty stapler may help with the finishing or at least the anticipation of finishing the school projects or those projects at home.

Orange kitty tabby cat is perched on the top of a small 5″ x 3.75 ” stapler, cute face looking at the person who is ready to staple away!

Easy to handle in , this desk size stapler takes regular sized staples and comes complete with enough for the first few times of use.

This cat stapler is made of plastic and light enough to toss in a backpack for those ‘on the go’ times at school where everybody will be looking to ‘borrow’ your stapler.

Get this fun Tabby Cat Stapler.

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buy Reaching Tabby Cat Statue

Reaching Tabby Cat Statue

cute tabby cat figurine

This ceramic Cat looks like he is reaching for a treat. This Polyresin statue is 1.5 lbs and measures 4 inches in height.

This grey and white tabby cat has incredible life like features with the little pink nose and smiley kitty lips.

Excellent attention to details on this lovely collector’s item. Maybe this kitten wants to be part of you collection.

Come have a better look at this Taby Cat Figurine.

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buy Blue Eyed Kitten Mousepad

Blue Eyed Kitten Mousepad

Cute Tabby kitten ready to play and printed on this mousepad

This cute kitten is a adorable. The big blue eyes on this silver tabby kitten is just to much to handle.

But you can have one just like this printed on a mousepad that can stare at you all day when you are working behind you computer.

This mousepad will be with you for years to come the full color print of the kitten will last and the non slip back makes it stay in place perfectly when you are racing you mouse on top.

Give your computer mouse a kitten friend like this Blue Eyed Kitten Mousepad.

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