buy Red Giraffe Tote Bag

Red Giraffe Tote Bag

Animal lovers will adore this modern giraffe print tote! Soft but sturdy spun poly-poplin create a lovely texture with durability.

The gorgeous colored design is on both sides of the bag. The strong strap is 100% cotton and one inch wide, providing comfortable support.

A beautiful peach coloured background provides warmth to the geometrical placement (every orientation of ninety degrees) of the stylized giraffes, who stand in pairs, face to face, almost kissing. (Do giraffes call this ‘necking’?)!

A convenient 33x33cm this bag will become your favourite accessory!

Pick this up for a great “pick me up”! Fashion and function meet.

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buy Koala Socks

Koala Socks

You have been waiting to get a pair of koala socks, ever since the thought first floated through your imagination! It’s hard to let go of this desire, and now you don’t have to anymore! Koala socks have arrived!

The cutest marsupial on the planet (sorry kangaroos..!) the “eats, shoots (chutes) and leaves” crazy critter known as the koala, belongs on your ankles! Why? Because cute!

Form fitting and durable tri-blend is made from 75% cotton, 20% polyester and 5% spandex – will make sure you feel hugged and comfy! Brightly coloured – green, dark green, black and grey – your mood will transform to “awesome” the moment you slide this pair on! Super sweet stockings, your feet will thank you!

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buy Women’s Kitten Face Panties

Women’s Kitten Face Panties

If you like kittens and sexy underwear then these women’s panties is what you want to look at.

On these hipster style panties you can find a kitten right on the front just staring away at the world in front of you.

The panties are available in many different designs so that you can pick that cat you like to wear best.

And yes this women’s underwear is available in many sizes for that perfect fit.

Just have fun and wear cat panties where ever you go and nobody will know that you have a pussy in your pants.

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buy Women’s Dog Face Socks

Women’s Dog Face Socks

You’ll love to take these pups for a walk, when you slip into a pair of these adorable stockings! Too cute for words, you have to see them to believe them. Great for dog lovers, lovers of cute things and people with a warm sense of individual style and humour!

What an awesome deal when you get these gorgeous ladies dog socks in a 5 pack. Made with breathable, moisture-wicking and odour-fighting 70% cotton / 30% rayon, easy care machine washable!

And these adorable dog socks fit’s women size 6.5 – 10.5 (US). Fun and fashionable, you will be so happy you treated your feet to these canine-cute sweet socks!

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buy Poodle Mom T-Shirt

Poodle Mom T-Shirt

Calling all poodle moms! Calling all friends of poodle moms! Your ideal t-shirt has arrived.

How cute is that? We’ve had soccer moms, and hockey moms, and guess what, we can now herald the age of the poodle mom! Featuring the chic silhouette of the most fashionable dog, this t-shirt comes in a wide assortment of colours to fit any ladies wardrobe.

The word poodle is written in bright pink block letters, with the word mom scripted in dark cursive writing beneath. Does it mean that you are somewhat of a princess? Does it mean you might be somewhat high maintenance? Only poodle mom’s know, and this playful t-shirt will be a great addition to your spring and summer tops, for casual times when you want to be relaxed and enjoy life.

Available in sizes Small – 2 XL in a wide array of colours this shirt is waiting for a good owner!

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buy Horse and Barn Spiral Notebook

Horse and Barn Spiral Notebook

Horse people rejoice! This “Horse and Barn” scribbler is perfect for you and is both elegant and functional.It provides you with a joyful picture on the front of this spiral notebook of your number one past time and hobby – a beautiful mare standing strong and humble in front of a classic country barn.

The artist who designed and painted this imagery captured the spirit and gentle intelligent nature of this equine perfectly and in a very realistic fashion, while bringing a sense of wonder into the work – a distinguished look to have as a print on the front of your stationary.

Don’t delay ordering this stylized item for your note taking needs. You may choose between an assortment of ruled or graphed paper inside. The back cover includes a document pocket, making this item even more convenient and handy. 120 pages inside.

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buy Frenchie-Opoly


The perfect gift for lovers of the French Bulldog! So cute, a Monopoly style game, except everything is French Bulldog themed!

See the sweet care which the game developers have taken in the development of this fully playable *satire* of the popular Parker Brother’s Game, Monopoly! With wooden tokens representing various doggie items such as bones and dog bowls, you make your way around the board to become leader of the pack!

Instead of “jail” you have “kennel” of course. Instead of “community chest” or “chance” you have “good dog” and “bad dog” spots on the board! And of course, instead of “luxury tax” you have “doggy spa!” It is all great fun and will keep everyone at the table in stitches while providing a similar yet unique gaming experience where the French bulldog is the top of it’s class.

Don’t miss your opportunity to pick up this wonderful gift for yourself or your fellow doggy-philes!

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buy Rhinoceros Backpack

Rhinoceros Backpack

Well, this is a bit different. Have your entire backpack looking like the brute mug of a rhino head! You’re going to love your very own rhino bag!

There is something to be said for individuality. And sometimes we have to stand for what we believe in, when everyone else thinks we’re crazy. Noah might have forgot the unicorns on his big boat, but he worked hard to get the rhino in it. Why? Because they are awesome, and he wouldn’t settle! Moral of the story, if you believe you are inspired, listen to the inspiration! Get yourself a rhino backpack!

Perfect for all sorts of things, from school to casual usage, shuttling your personal effects around, you know, knapsack stuff in general, it will be so very handy and fun.

Get your big bad Rhino pack. 42x29x18 cm in dimension. Durable poly constructed.

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buy Two Elephants On A Travel Mug

Two Elephants On A Travel Mug

The beautiful graphic on this mug wraps fully around the entire cup. Imagine a pachyderm wrapping it’s trunk sound this beauty to get a drink from it. Imagine yourself smiling as you drink from it without needing a trunk. Noses are for smelling! You will not feel handicapped, you will be handy-cupped!

This elephant travel mug is insulated steel and a lid to keep liquids from spilling. Keep beautiful things nearby. Life is too short not to tweak it to your liking!

This dishwasher safe coffee carrier features two beautiful female “phants”, giving themselves a shower in the river, and is suitably called “The Elephant Queens”, as their majesty would require.

Get to the bottom of what you love. Carry your coffee and elephant passions on hand. Great for yourself or a fellow elephantophile!

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buy Polar Bear Ice Cream T-Shirt

Polar Bear Ice Cream T-Shirt

A bear-sicle t-shirt is perfect for you to wear today! Sometimes there is not much more (for anyone) to add to the goings on of a circle of friends or colleagues.

The cartoon feel of this piece of clothing is key. It’s face value. This shirts graphic is a wonderful popsicle with a polar bear head on the end of the popsicle stick labeled “ice bear”. Nothing more need be said.

Available in sizes Small to 6XL, you will be able to choose from a wide array of colours that will be perfect for your wardrobe needs, from ice blue to dark chocolate to kiwi green. And this polar bear┬át-shirt is available in men and women’s styles and is made from heavyweight 6.1 oz cotton.

Some things really are that simple!

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