buy Kangaroo Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

Kangaroo Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

Salt and pepper here in kangaroo shakers! This his and her set of kangaroo seasoning containers will get your eggs delightfully perfect. They are perfect for all types of eggs: scrambled, poached, sunny side up, over easy, you name it they will season them perfectly and with style!

Why shouldn’t your breakfast (or lunch, or dinner) be more enjoyable? Yes, it is a rhetorical question.. because, quite simply, it should! And these happy ceramic male and female (with a baby, baby) ‘roo shakers are going to manifest that reality. And the beauty is that this novelty set is also a necessity! We all know how hard it is to season eggs (or anything for that matter) without shakers! It’s almost impossible!

Wonderful kitchen gifts for someone looking for something a little off the beaten path. You’ll want to pocket a pair for yourself and your friends! For any occasion, weddings, birthdays, “I just stopped by to let you know I love you” gifts.

You won’t have to jump around looking for them as they stay right where you put them. A wonderfully marsupial conversation piece that serves your purpose. Perfect for your personal taste.

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buy Women’s Panda Bear Shoes

Women’s Panda Bear Shoes

Are you looking for panda shoes? Preferably ones with embroidered bamboo on them? You ARE?? Well, look no further.

Sometimes there is one accessory that will tie an outfit together and complete the look. This Chinese style of adorable, rubber soled panda shoes does this exactly.

Near the toe of the light blue (also available in red) shoes you see two embroidered bears, one sitting panda style, eating chutes and leaves, the other, walking forward in a non threatening manner. The light green embroidery near the heal is that of the stylish bamboo plant, brightly placed, happily accentuating the magical feel of this “easy on and off” footwear.

Non-slip rubber soles will keep you on solid ground whether you are looking cute in the mall, or dancing at your prom. This little number will be a perfect addition to your fashion options, and “plays well” with your existing skirts, pants and shorts.

Get one or two pair of these cotton-blend beauties in the size meant for you and be glad that you made a great purchase. You’ll be happy you grabbed these when you saw them!

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buy Elephant Shaped Picture Frame

Elephant Shaped Picture Frame

Never forget your loved ones – and this elephant picture frame will hold them gently and with tender poise.

Designed to frame a 2.5 x 2.5 inch picture, this light grey and round “little peanut” elephant photo frame is as adorable as it is practical. What is perfect for a baby shower, or a birthday party? You are looking at it, this minimalistic art piece will set the perfect tone for tender wee-one gifting.

Pick up one or two of these to keep in your drawer for gifts when needed. This photo accessory is so cute the recipients will be grateful that you remembered them thoughtfully.

Measuring 4.5″ x 4″ wide and made of light grey resin, the stylized ‘phant will warm hearts and keep memories safe. It is quite simply perfect.

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buy Sloth Cork Coaster Set

Sloth Cork Coaster Set

So unique and cool for lovers of sloths – a cork coaster set of four, adorned on the top with portraits of the leisurely sloth – ready to keep your tables clean from condensation and drink spillage. These eco-friendly cork drink coasters are extremely absorbent yet however they dry very fast.

The key to having someone use something is to make things fun. This outrageous (portrait of a) fur covered sloth in a t-shirt, complete with his blank yet somehow engaging stare, depicted on top of these highly functional coasters will do the trick! No more warm wet circles left of tables or counters from highballs or bevy cans! This friendly creature, known to be slow, is a trick for the quick to protect and serve home hosts and hostesses alike.

Perfectly sized at 4″ x 4″ x 1/8″ – the party will keep rolling while these masters of the most unassuming deadly sins are out – make no mistake – things will be cleaned up in a flash!

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buy Straw Bear Cub Purse

Straw Bear Cub Purse

This adorable bear cub/club purse will lock down the cute-factor and accentuate your look with hard to beat definition! It’s simple lines made from straw, and simple bear cub design, are hard to put into words, but will get you all the right kind of attention.

7.75″ x 6.5″ x 3.5″ is just right – and this 100% straw made accessory has a removable strap to turn it into a clutch purse – when the occasion calls for it.

Get quick access to the single interior pocket using the handbag’s single clasp. This perfect item melts hearts, complete with it’s light brown coloured wicker structured head, glossy eyes and flaxen snout – and it is ready to bring you both smiles and functionality.

It’s a simple bear necessity that will mind your phone, cash and effects when you are out looking unstoppably innocent and smart.

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buy Rocco The Plush Fox Toy From Gund

Rocco The Plush Fox Toy From Gund

Super cute and stylish plush fox toy from Gund, named “Rococo”, is a sure win towards unbridled happiness from any wee one who gets their hands on this gentle friend!

Rococo the red fox is intentionally designed to be “gender neutral” and is great for boys and girls of all ages and backgrounds. What does the fox say? Well your kids will tell you when they hold this adorable buddy close to their ears! He will say adorable and positive and loving things no doubt!

Cleaning the fox toy is so easy because Rococo is 100% machine washable! Perfectly sized at 8 x 8 x 6″ and weighing in at an appropriate 4 ounces of joy.

This is quality, as you know, for over 100 years, Gund has lead the plush market! And this part of the babyGUND line is a notable addition to it’s First Forever Friend Collection.

Got-to-getta Gund?! The adorably cute seated plush fox features a rust and white design that is guaranteed to please!

Perfect for wee ones, lovers of quality, animal lovers and people with a sense of style and smarts! Pick up one or two of these “on the sly”, like the fox it represents!

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buy Shark Tea Infuser Set

Shark Tea Infuser Set

Just when you thought it was getting boring to steep your own tea, this pair of BPA free silicone shark tea infusers have arrived and made themselves known! Embrace the thrill of teetotaling with your favourite loose leaf tea selection, with the fun of this pair of 100% food grade teal leaf infusers!

You won’t be able to avoid having a warm smile on your face when you set about preparing your favourite brand of tea, by simply placing enough leaves to meet your personal steeping needs, right into the belly of this sea monster!

You just pop open the tail of the shark (choose the pink or blue one as per your preference), load it up with the loose leaves, and drop it into your hot water as per usual.

Hot water in mug
Tea loaded in adorable Shark

Follow your style. You who art the lover of novel teas, sharks and things that bring about a smile to all. It is too good pass up, and will provide great simple happiness. Well, it is also true that as much as you would love this great pair, your lucky friend or family member would greatly appreciate them as a gift as well!

Comes complete with two infusers in the set – “one fish two fish, pink fish blue fish” (ok technically shark, but that doesn’t rhyme!) 🙂 Cleans easily in the top rack of your dishwasher.

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buy Digger The Dog Plush Toy

Digger The Dog Plush Toy

A girl or boy and her/his dog! They can be inseparable. And with the “Stuffies” concept of stuffed animal, they will be loyal protectors of their things! This wonderful friend has 7 secret pockets inside, for keeping your child’s favourite treasures safe and organized!

But don’t take our word for it! This item was the winner of the “National Parenting Center’s 2012 Seal of Approval” as well as “A Parents’ choice Classic, Fun Stuff Award Winner”! It seems this pet project is everyone’s best friend!

This amazing bundle of joy includes a 33 page interactive story book, full of rhymes, puzzles and illustrations that match Digger’s theme!

The stuff able Digger the Dog is super soft and super sized! What is not to love?

Pick this steal up for your family and their friends! Doggie bags to go? It keeps things organized, teaches lessons and provides companionship! Trifecta pet perfection that provides the warm fuzzies! Great as a birthday gift or a “just because I love you” surprise.

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buy Women’s Corgi Socks

Women’s Corgi Socks

OMG! Oh my dawg! Corgi Socks? Yes!

Let’s imagine for a moment you are having a less than perfect day. I don’t know what the reason is. Maybe you had a car run through a puddle and drench you!? Did your younger sister steal your favourite top? Was it your adorable daughter who threw a tantrum in the middle of the cereal aisle? I don’t know.. things sometimes go diametrically opposite to the way we’ve planned.. But, stay with me now. then there are Corgi Socks!

All these things that life can throw you, all the vicissitudes of the seasons, the random flippant and fickle nature of luck, these all can be conquered when you are wearing your favourite pair of socks! Why?? Because.. Corgi Socks!

There has been much speculation as to how Tiger Woods managed to be the worlds greatest golfer for well over a decade. There have been whispers, among certain circles that possible it was attributed to his fondness for Corgi Socks! We’ll never know, he may take his secret to his grave one day. We all have to find life hacks that work for us! That make us world leaders in our own way.

You won’t be able to resist the comfort of this lovely cotton blend sock – sized ladies 9-11, and made from 66% cotton, 32% nylon, and 2% spandex.

Great for people who love comfort, style, whimsy and taking charge of their own happiness! The adorable cartoon renditions of Corgies in bandanas cover the emerald background of this wonderful article of clothing.

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buy Turtle Christmas Tree Skirt

Turtle Christmas Tree Skirt

Well, there was a “Buddhist karma chameleon”, which Boy George described from a dream in it’s eponymous song as “Red, Gold, and Green”, and then there is this beautiful “Christian turtle tree skirt” for Christmas, which comes in snowier as “Red, White and Green”. There has been word that the Culture Club is working on a song called Christian Turtle Skirt, which is reported to be even catchier than George’s prior hit!!

But seriously, and to be clear, how long have you pined for the most perfect and eclectic tree skirt to place under your Christmas tree? You know you love turtles! They are green, wise, conservative with their green energy, and now can be represented fully on this gorgeous red background tree skirt, which features beautiful white snowflakes and sprawling cute tortoises!

Does it make sense? From a position of sweet originality and animal loving warmth, the logic is sound!

Let’s face it, tree stands can be ugly and take away from the joy that a beautiful tree brings. Dress your Christmas centre piece up with this must have unique item which will be a wonderful place to put your presents on top of! Machine washable brushed polyester, it’s 44″ in diameter and fits most trees. Made in the USA with an easy closure, no straps or fussy ties.

Turtle your tree with snowflakes and green friends – warm up your home for family and good friends. Better than box of Turtles under the tree – don this skirt for your evergreen!

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