buy Giraffe Latex Face Mask

Giraffe Latex Face Mask

Always wanted to know how you would look as a giraffe? This mask will make you look just like the long necked animal.

The giraffe mask just goes over your head and then you look amazing. Of course it works even better if you had a long neck but unfortunately that is not included.

This latex animal mask is one size fits all and yes that does include adults.

Halloween, cosplay or a day at the zoo this giraffe mask will make you look stunning and maybe even better then without the mask.

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buy Raccoon Mask

Raccoon Mask

Now you can look like a raccoon with clothes on by simply wearing this latex mask.

This raccoon mask is perfect for teens and adults and just makes almost anyone look like a cool looking animal.

The latex mask has little eye holes under the raccoons eyes so that it looks real and you still can see while dressing up.

Halloween, cosplay or any other dress up occasion this raccoon mask is what you need to become one of the animals at the party.

And this quality mask of course has whiskers to as a real raccoon would have and the nose has foam filling to keep it in perfect looking shape while you wear the mask.

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buy Shark Mask

Shark Mask

Always want to be a shark?

Maybe we can’t make you into a shark but we can make you look like one with this amazing looking mask.

This shark mask is based on the big white shark from the movie Jaws.

Made from latex this mask looks real and there is foam in the top so that it keeps in shape and it becomes easier to wear.

This Halloween or Shark Week you can be ready to be part of the sharks and start hunting down some yummy humans.

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buy Adult Latex Owl Mask

Adult Latex Owl Mask

Adult Latex Owl Costume Mask

Now you can look like a giant owl.

Just simply but this adult sized mask and your head will look like an owl.

The mask is made from 100% latex and just looks amazing.

Just wear it with everyday clothes to be like the owl man or wear it as part of a Halloween costume.

One thing is for sure people are gone look at you and be amazed how amazing you look.

Unfortunately the mask does not give you the possibility to turn you head like an owl does so don’t even try doing that.

Get ready to become and owl with this Owl Costume Mask.

buy Horse Head Mask

Horse Head Mask

YEEHAW!! Sinch your saddle up and ride! This is one costume you do not want to miss out on.

This is a mask that features the popular horse head seen for many occasions like sporting events or costume parties and halloween. It is a brown horse head that has a long snout with black tip of the nose and furry hair and ears on top.

Made to be durable form a long lasting latex the horse head will fit many different sizes of adult heads and they have placed the horse eyes perfectly as eye holes to see out of.

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buy Gold Color Leather Kitten Mask

Gold Color Leather Kitten Mask

Do like to purr like a cat?

Or maybe you just want to dress up for Halloween if you do want to look like a cat then the face of course is super important.

But now you can have this leather make that makes anyone look like a kitten.

The mask is made from cow hide and is gold in color to make you look like a special cat.

And like a real cat you will have cute ears that stick up from the top.

This cat mask is great for cosplay or a costume party and it just makes you costume complete.

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buy Leather Rabbit Mask

Leather Rabbit Mask

If you are looking for the perfect mask for a masked party then why not get one that has some fun ears on them.

This mask makes you look like a rabbit and it’s not a cheap paper or plastic thing that starts being in the way after 2 minutes. No this is a leather mask that falls over the nose and has two big bunny ears on top.

The leather mask comes in black, white and red and has a double strand of adjustable elastic so that it is comfortable to wear.

A mask like this is something you gone buy once in your life and then you deserve to get a good one.

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buy Bald Eagle Mask

Bald Eagle Mask

Do you want your face to look like a bald eagle?

If so the you have to take a look at this amazing bald eagle mask.

This leather mask is made to fit kids or adults perfectly and is painted with quality paint so that you will look like an amazing bird when you wear this mask.

The mask has black wings and a white head with of course a yellow beck and eye details that make it just look stunning.

Masquerade party, Halloween or just to put on the wall this face mask will transform you in an amazing looking bald eagle and that is why you want.

Get your Bald Eagle Mask

buy Zebra Mask

Zebra Mask

Zebra Mask

Looking for a different look?

With this latex mask you can look like a zebra in not time at all.

Just slip on this mask and you are set.

Of course this mask would be perfect as part of Halloween costume.

Men and women can now be part of the animal kingdom and look like a stunning zebra.

Just imagine peoples faces when they see you wearing this mask.

You could wear some fun costume with it to make you look like a real strange combination of a human and an animal.

Option to many option you will have when you get this fun Latex Zebra Mask.

buy Pug Mask

Pug Mask

pug mask

Pugs are charming, playful, Sociable and clever dogs.

If you love and own a pug  then now you can become a one yourself when you wear this pug mask.

This pug mask looks identical to a pugs face right down its wrinkly short muzzled face, big eyes, ears, and neck.

It is a fun latex mask that will fit most adults heads.

So if you have a hard time trying to figure out what to dress up as on Halloween. Well, look no further you can go as a pug.

Get ready for the party and become charming, playful and sociable with this Pug Mask.