buy Dachshund Floral Design T-Shirt

Dachshund Floral Design T-Shirt

Dachshund Floral Design T-Shirt

If you are a dog lover and specifically love the very cute and disproportionate dachshund then this is the perfect t-shirt for you or for somebody you know as a gift.

The front of this t-shirt features a dachshund dog that is made up of a very detailed and beautiful floral design with the word ‘Dachshund” printed in the long body of the dog.

This dachshund t-shirt is available in sizes S to 3XL and two fun colors of blue and purple, you can also get this print on a women’s fit t-shirt and a hoodie.

Show off your endless love with the Dachshund Floral Design T-Shirt.

buy It’s A Bad Week To Be A Seal T-Shirt For Shark Week

It’s A Bad Week To Be A Seal T-Shirt For Shark Week

Shark Week is great for the TV viewers but if you are a seal then you may prefer different weeks of the year.

And this Shark Week t-shirt is all about the seals.

The t-shirt is dark blue and made from 100% cotton.

And on this t-shirt, it says “It’s a Bad week to be a seal” and then you can see a fin of a Shark and the Shark Week logo.

You can get this 100% cotton t-shirt in sizes Small – 3XL and all, of course, feel sad for the seals.

Now you can get a special Shark week t-shirt that kinda makes fun of seals.

Get your It’s A Bad Week To Be A Seal T-Shirt For Shark Week

buy Elephant And Balloons T-Shirt

Elephant And Balloons T-Shirt

Elephant And Balloons T-Shirt

Looking for just a super cute t-shirt?

How about this one that shows a fun little light blue elephant that is holding some balloons up.

Yes this may look like a kids design but it’s just to cute to just keep it for the little once and that is why you can get this t-shirt in adult sizes in men and women’s styles.

And if dark blue is not your color then you are in luck as you can get this elephant on all kind of fun colored shirts.

Balloons and elephants both are just fun and that is why you just need this Elephant And Balloons T-Shirt.

buy Frog T-Shirt

Frog T-Shirt

If you love frogs, this is the perfect t-shirt for you.

You can show the world that you “heart” frogs.

Maybe your favourite kind of frog is a green one like Kermit the Frog, or one of the colorful frogs of the Rainforest.

This white, pink or light grey t-shirt has a large “I” and a red heart with a green frog sitting inside it. The frog has big red eyes and he looks like he is smiling at you. And this frog t-shirt comes in men, women’s and kids styles in many colors and sizes.

Perhaps this frog is a prince waiting to be kissed.

Get your Frog T-Shirt

buy Penguin Graduation T-Shirt

Penguin Graduation T-Shirt

Penguin Graduation T-Shirt

Graduation t-shirt’s are great but often so boring and without animals.

Lucky for you there now is the perfect graduation t-shirt with a penguin on it and it comes in all kind of styles, colors and sizes.

On this shirt you can see a cute penguin all dressed up for it’s graduation.
And yes of course there is a mortarboard hat with tassel on top of it’s head.

A shirt like this is dateless and that makes it even great to pass on to brother, sisters and so on when they graduate.

You just have to take a closer and better look at this Penguin Graduation T-Shirt.

buy Funny Late Turtle T-Shirt

Funny Late Turtle T-Shirt

We all know that turtles are not the fasted animals on the planet but still they are cute and worth to look at.

This turtle t-shirt comes in a men, women’s and kids version in a bunch of colors and sizes .

And on this t-shirt you can see a cute picture of a Turtle and below the animal you find the text “Always Late…. But worth the wait”.

Made from 100% cotton this turtle t-shirt will be just funny for everyday wear and if you know someone you like that is always late then this is the shirt you should give them.

Get your Funny Late Turtle T-Shirt

buy White LippedTree Frog T-Shirt

White LippedTree Frog T-Shirt

White lipped tree frog t-shirt

Are you fascinated with frogs? Did you know the white lipped tree frog is the worlds largest tree frog and likes to live in the rainforest?

You can pretend you are a tree frog yourself when you wear this cool white lipped tree frog t-shirt.

This tagless men’s frog t-shirt features a photo of a white lipped tree frog with its cute yellow and black eyes siting on a tree on the bottom half of the shirt. The top half of the t-shirt is black. And this frog design can be found on the front and the back.

The photo on the white lipped frog t-shirt is a eco water based dye process the make the photo become a permanent pat of the shirt and makes it look so real. Available in a wide variety of sizes from x-small to 4 XL.

You might start to hop around while your wearing this White Lipped Tree Frog T-Shirt.

buy My Dog Hair T-Shirt

My Dog Hair T-Shirt

My Dog Hair T-Shirt

So you have a dog, and you always have dog hair all over it…… instead of rolling it every two minutes why not check out this fun and humorous t-shirt.

This t-shirt features on the front the saying “This is my dog hair t-shirt” with an arrow pointing down at pretty much the whole t-shirt, this is a fun way to show off your love for your dog by saying that you know they are hairy but can’t beat them might as well join them.

You can get this dog hair t-shirt in a wide variety of sizes and it will be super comfortable and very durable, also it is available in a ladies fit too.

Get this fun This Is My Dog Hair T-Shirt.

buy Polar Bear T-Shirt

Polar Bear T-Shirt

Polar Bear T-Shirt

Polar bears are big white beautiful bears that live in the cold weather.

If you like polar bears your will love this beautiful polar t-shirt because it will make you feel like a polar bear when you wear it.

This polar bear t-shirt features on front and back a photo of a mom polar bear with her baby cub giving her a hug laying in the snow with the sky and trees in the background.

The photo on the polar bear t-shirt is a eco water base design that makes the photo become a permanent part of the t-shirt that makes it look so real. Its also a tagless t-shirt for all the people out there that is always cutting the tags of there clothes and available in a wide variety of sizes from small to 4XL.

Get lots of compliments now when you wear this amazing Polar Bear T-Shirt.

buy Keep Calm Pug T-Shirt

Keep Calm Pug T-Shirt

Keep calm and luv a pug t-shirt

Pugs are small cute wrinkly dogs with short muzzled face and curled tails.

If you love and own a pug or someone you know owns a pug this t-shirt would be the perfect choice.

This shirt comes in men’s, women’s, and youth in all various sizes and colors.

It as a cute little picture of a pug head at the top of the shirt with the quote “KEEP CALM AND LUV A PUG” right under the head in big bold lettering.

So if you have stressful days at work or at home with the kids this t shirt might be perfect for you.

Relieve  your stress and take your pug for a walk in this Keep Calm And Luv A Pug T-Shirt.