buy Border Collie With Sheep T-Shirt

Border Collie With Sheep T-Shirt

If you love the dog breed of a border collie then this is a t-shirt for you. Border collies love to herd sheep and blend in with them so why not get this awesome shirt that portrays the sheep herding dog.

On the front of this shirt, you will see a large herd of sheep and hidden amongst is one black and white border collie. This t-shirt is green looking like a background of a grassy field but you can choose from many other colors.

The border collie t-shirt is available in a huge selection of women’s fitted sizes that range from Small to 2XL. You can also choose from 22 colors each is vibrant and fun.  Also, check out the many different styles of shirts you can get this border collie with sheep print on.

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buy Border Collie Christmas Tree Skirt

Border Collie Christmas Tree Skirt

If border collies are the dog of your choice then you are going like this tree skirt for the Christmas tree.

The tree skirt is white with on it two rows of green and red Christmas foliage and in the middle row, you find 5 border collies all ready to celebrate the holidays with you.

The Christmas tree skirt is great for hiding the ugly legs of your tree and makes it look all clean and neat. The border collie tree skirt has a diameter of 44 inches and is available in different fabrics so that you get the skirt around the tree that you like best.

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buy Bordie Collie Head Tilt Track Jacket

Bordie Collie Head Tilt Track Jacket

Bordie Collie Head Tilt Track Jacket

The border collie is an amazing dog, so very smart, working dog, it can obey and to top it all off extremely cute.

This is a very nice track jacket that features a head shot image of a border collie, find the image on the upper right a detailed black and white tilted head of a cute border collie. And the same image can be found bigger on the back of the jacket.

It is customizable to make it your very own and is available in 7 different fun colors with a full front zipper and two large front pockets, made to be slim fitting for a sexy sleek style and in women’s sizes that range from XS to 2XL.

Look stylish in the Bordie Collie Head Tilt Track Jacket.

buy Border Collie Christmas Ornament

Border Collie Christmas Ornament

Border Collie Christmas Tree Ornament

This tree ornament looks just like a border collie and this dog loves presents to as it is holding a Christmas stocking in his mouth.

A tree ornament like this is just specially and nice specially if you love your border collies.

This handcrafted resin dog ornament comes in a special gift box to make it the perfect Christmas present and for easy storage after the holidays.

And this boxer collie is 1.5 x 3 x 3.25 inch in dimensions making it the perfect size for your Christmas tree.

Ornaments are special and if your tree holds memories that are dear to you then you Christmas will be even better.

Come take a closer look at this Border Collie Christmas Ornament.

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buy Border Collie Puppy Mousepad

Border Collie Puppy Mousepad

Border Collie Puppy Mousepad

Baby animals are the cutest and this puppy dog is one of those cute animals.

This mousepad has a picture on it of a border collie pup lying on the grass staring at you.

Why have a boring mousepad when you can have something so adorable as this mousepad.

And this border collie mousepad has a none slip back so that it stays in place savely when you are working at your computer.

If puppies and border collies are your thing then come checkout this Border Collie Puppy Mousepad.

buy Border Collie T-Shirt

Border Collie T-Shirt

Border Collie boss t-shirt

So this is one of those ‘who owns who’ situation that has that question on this t-shirt with the border collie on the front.

Anyone who has a border collie or any pet can relate to the saying on this t-shirt, ” property of a spoiled rotten border collie”

Made of 100 % cotton and prewashed for added comfort, this shirt is made of extra heavy weight material for an extended long life.

The picture of this dog with the black ears and head and it’s lovely white face, not heat transferred but actually printed directly on to the surface to eliminating flaking of the image.

This border collie t-shirt comes in sizes small to 3 X Large.

You will no doubt have many ideas about who this t-shirt with the border collie is for, any dog lover, over worked dog walker or anyone who would not change anything for the love of their pet!

If this is your kind of shirt then come and order your Border Collie T-Shirt.

buy Border Collies 2013 Wall Calendar

Border Collies 2013 Wall Calendar

Border Collies 2013 Wall Calendar

For the love of Border Collies.

This calendar features the loveable dog breed of border collies, you will get many great pictures of this working dog.

Border collies aim to please and with fine details and amazing quality images that is exactly what they do in this 2013 wall calendar.

Standard wall calendar size, Size Closed: 12.0 ” x  14.0 “, Size Opened: 24.0 ” x  14.0 “.

A great way to go through the year 2013 month by month with your best friend the Border Collie.

Find your Border Collies 2013 Wall Calendar.