buy Bordie Collie Head Tilt Track Jacket

Bordie Collie Head Tilt Track Jacket

Bordie Collie Head Tilt Track Jacket

The border collie is an amazing dog, so very smart, working dog, it can obey and to top it all off extremely cute.

This is a very nice track jacket that features a head shot image of a border collie, find the image on the upper right a detailed black and white tilted head of a cute border collie. And the same image can be found bigger on the back of the jacket.

It is customizable to make it your very own and is available in 7 different fun colors with a full front zipper and two large front pockets, made to be slim fitting for a sexy sleek style and in women’s sizes that range from XS to 2XL.

Look stylish in the Bordie Collie Head Tilt Track Jacket.

buy Polar Bear Long Hooded Jacket

Polar Bear Long Hooded Jacket

Polar Bear Long Hooded Jacket

The polar bear has thick white fur to withstand the coldest of temperatures, they are fierce and feared by all.

This is a faux polar bear jacket that features the white fuzzy fur all over the outside, it has a furry hood with the mean face of a polar bear, sticking up ears, long sharp teeth aswell as attached gloves with claws.

Made as a one size fits all this jacket will be very very warm and is perfect for the winter, it can also be good for a costume.

Stay warm but look cool with the Polar Bear Long Hooded Jacket.

buy Wolf Coat

Wolf Coat

WOlf coat

First let me start by saying this wolf coat is not an actual wolf it is just a coat made from polyester fur.

So always wanted to wear a wolf? now you can with this wolf coat. It just a coat like any other coat and even has an inside pocket for important stuff like your wallet.

And on the outside the coat looks like a wolf complete with a wolf hoodie with eyes, ears and teeth of a wolf (again not from a real animal) and the sleeves end in to claws in witch you can put your hands to keep them nice and warm.

This animal coat is great for everyday wear or as a wolf costume for halloween.

People will never look at your the same after your start wearing this awesome Wolf Coat.