buy Red Panda Wall Clock

Red Panda Wall Clock

If you like red panda’s and would like to know the time then this red panda wall clock is what you need.

When you look at the clock you will have the feeling that a panda is staring at you and that is because there is a picture of a red panda on the clock face and it is looking right at you.

The wall clock has a diameter of 9.5 inches and has a black border and the panda clock runs on 1 AA battery that is included with the clock.

No longer do you have to wonder what time it is as this Red Panda wall clock is always ready to show you what the time is.

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buy Funny Moose Women’s Watch

Funny Moose Women’s Watch

Now there is a moose watch that can help you tell time.

This women’s wrist watch has a pink silicone case and band and in the a fun white watch face with 3 hands and clear numbers.

And there is more as on the white watch face you can see a cartoon style moose just walking around being happy and grey and that while most moose that I have seen where brown.

It’s just a fun time piece for a casual outfit and ready to bring you the time when you need it.

And with a watch face with a diameter of 30 mm it’s perfectly easy to read while not being a big hunk of a watch.

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buy Women’s Owl Watch

Women’s Owl Watch

If you want a fun watch that also has an owl on it then this is the watch to look at.

The women’s watch has a light green organic cotton watch band that is light blue on the inside. On the bad you find a 30 mm silver tone watch that shows an cute owl on the watch face that is also light green and blue to match with then band and in it’s eyes the bird has Swarovski crystals to give it a little bit of bling.

The owl watch has a Japanese quarts clock and that should mean that it will last you a long time and will show a real precise time. The watch is also made to be more eco friendly then most watches and even the battery is mercury free.

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buy 12 Sharks Wall Clock

12 Sharks Wall Clock

If you are looking for a nice round wall clock and you like sharks then this could be the clock you need.

This wall clock has black edge with a clear plastic lenses and under that you can see a white clock face with on it 12 different sharks one for each hour on the clock. Of course there is great white shark on top but besides the big one there are 11 more that are worth looking at.

The shark clock has a diameter of 9.5 inch and has three hands to tell time. The clock runs on one AA battery and there first one is included with the wall clock.

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buy Pink Alarm Clock With Horse

Pink Alarm Clock With Horse

Kids Horse Alarm Clock

Now your child can be woken every morning by the sounds of a horse.

And not only the sound of a horse this alarm clock also has a picture of a horse on it.

This clock is pink with yellow bell and feet and has a picture of a blue horse on the clock face.

Just imagine this cute alarm clock on your daughters nightstand.

And you can read this clock in the day or in the dark at night as it has illuminated hands. And the horse clock runs on batteries so no worries about wires and it is strong to so that it can withstand kids.

Make you kid happy with this fun looking Horse Alarm Clock.

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buy Baby Jungle Animals Round Wall Clock

Baby Jungle Animals Round Wall Clock

Baby Jungle Animals Round Wall Clock

Are you looking for the finishing touches in your jungle themed room, well here are a bunch of baby animals that can help complete any room.

On this round wall clock you will find 5 cute baby jungle animals, a giraffe, elephant, lion, tiger and zebra each with vibrant colors and all hanging out on a patch of dirt with blades of grass surrounding them and large black numbers for the time.

This wall clock is available in 2 different round sizes and check out the square shaped one aswell, it is also customizable with photos, artwork and text.

Have a closer look at the Baby Jungle Animals Round Wall Clock.

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buy BumbleBee Kids Watch

BumbleBee Kids Watch

Bumble Bee Kids Watch

Does you kid really want a watch?

How about this cute bee watch that is fun looking and easy for them to put on.

The watch has a yellow band and the top has a bee with the watch right in the body.

The band is a slap bracelet so it’s super easy and fun to put on.

Now you can start teaching time to your child so that they know when it’s time for bed or dinner.

And besides being cute the watch is also extremely cheap so that it is not a big deal if it gets lost.

Surprise your kid with this cute BumbleBee Kids Watch.

buy Bald Eagle Wall Clock

Bald Eagle Wall Clock

Strength and majestic stature are displayed in this bold wooden quartz movement bald eagle wall clock.

Measuring 11 1/2” x 14 3/4” this timepiece reminds those viewing “It is the exuberance of a sunrise, and the calmness of a sunset, that can keep your heart in tune with the world around you.”
The beautiful graphic of the bald eagle is printed directly onto real wood.

The clock is powered by a single AA battery.

This American Expedition wall clock will be welcome on any proud American’s wall. We move within the same confines of the time each man gets in a day, and we are free.

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buy Blue Kids Elephant Watch

Blue Kids Elephant Watch

Are you looking for a fun watch for you kid that they can easily put on and looks super fun?

How about this blue elephant watch?

The watch is shaped like an elephant with in the middle the watch with 3 arms so that kids can learn how to read time/

And this elephant watch also has a blue strap that is a slap bracelet so any kid is gone love putting it on as it is so simple. Just slap it on your wrist and you have it on.

Not only is this watch cute it also has an elephant on it and is super easy to use.

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buy Tuxedo Cat Watch

Tuxedo Cat Watch

Tuxedo Cat face watch

So you like cats but do you have the perfect wristwatch?

If it’s not perfect then how about this watch that has a super cute picture of a tuxedo cat on it.

The whole watch face is filled with the cute cat so now every time you want to know the time this cat will be staring at you.

And this watch is water resistant and comes with a black leather strap all things you want in a watch that you love to wear everyday of the year for many years.

So if you like to know the time and love cats then come see this Tuxedo Cat Wristwatch.

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