buy Ed Hardy Koi Car Seat Covers

Ed Hardy Koi Car Seat Covers

Are you tired of your boring old seat covers in your car?

Well look no further, these Ed Hardy designed “KOI” seat covers will add some pizzazz to your vehicle.

It has a unique design inspired by the legendary tattoo artist Don Ed Hardy.

These beautiful seat covers feature’s a bright orange koi fish in splashing water and tropical ocean flowers all down one side of the seat cover.  On the top of the other side is written “Ed Hardy by Christian Audigier”.

They make your seats more comfortable and is easy to install with no tools required.

Get your Ed Hardy Koi Car Seat Covers

buy Clownfish USB Flash Drive

Clownfish USB Flash Drive

Clownfish USB Flash Drive


No more plain boring usb flash drives to stores your data on.

If you like clownfish then you should look at this flash drive.

This usb drive looks like one of this orange clownfish the once that are like Nemo from the movie Finding Nemo.
And now you can store you computer files on this cute fish.

The clownfish flash drive comes in different capacities so that you get the one that is the right size for your computer needs.

You get to the usb plug by removing the front from the back of the fish and the back part is where the data is stored and that comes with a loop so that you can connect it to a key chain or bag.

Star fishing for more backup space and lets store you files on this Clownfish USB Flash Drive.

buy Clownfish Christmas Ornament

Clownfish Christmas Ornament

Finding nemo christmas ornament

You will be searching out places to hang this dazzling exotic fish ornament.

Mouth blown glass, each ornament is individual and as unique as the craftsperson.

This clownfish is painted with a fluorescent gold and orange skin, ultra attractive with bright red lipstick.

Each beautiful looking fish ornament is 3 x 6 x 3 inches in size.

Perhaps there are those on your gift list who would like this beautiful glass clownfish ornament or perhaps that person is you!

Did you find Nemo or did you just like this Clownfish Christmas Ornament.

buy Sea Horse Baby Bodysuit

Sea Horse Baby Bodysuit

Sea Horse bodysuit

The smallest members of you family deserve some fun clothing.

If fish is something that seems fun then you should look at t his bodysuit because it has a sea theme with a big sea horse and some plants.

This piece of baby clothing comes in the colors grey, blue, pink and white and in size 6 to 24 months.

This sea horse bodysuit is made of 150grams cotton to make it feel soft and comfy for the little once.

Come and have a better look at this Sea Horse Baby Bodysuit.

buy Sea Horse Rhinestone Bracelet

Sea Horse Rhinestone Bracelet

Sea Horse Rhinestone Bracelet

An accessorry to stand out with style and originality.

Here it is, this is an absolutely magnificent bracelet that is in the shape of 2 sea horses wrapped around your wrist.

With very high quality craftmanship there are gleaming rhinestones inlaid around the entire bracelet, and nice big rhinestones to portray the eyes.

With a crocodile style of opening this makes the Sea horse bracelet easy to slip on and off, with the opening measuring 3.5 cm.

Try on this Sea Horse Rhinestone Bracelet.

Ocean Sealife Shower Curtain

Ocean sealife shower curtain

You will think you live in the ocean when you have this sea life shower curtain in your bathroom.

Not only do you see interesting tropical fish but a lifelike array of coral and seashells all swimming on a beautiful marine blue background.

The sea life shower curtain is made of heavy PVC vinyl and is generously sized at 6′ x 6′.

You will never have to leave the beach when you shower with a sea life shower curtain.

So get ready to transform you bathroom with this Ocean Sealife Shower Curtain.

fish necklace

Christian Fish Symbol Necklace

Show your devotion with this classic Christian fish symbol necklace.

The Christian fish symbol itself is 1 ” x . 5″ and is set in a neutral silver color .

The chain is an ample 20″ long , made of stainless steal and created with rounded links.

Not only is this Christian fish symbol necklace comfortable to wear but it is nickel free and lead free.

Come have a closer look at this Christian Fish Symbol Necklace.

Fishing Cat Clock

Cat fishing on this clock

How about a new fun wall clock?

This clock looks more like a fish bowl with a flat top.

And to make it even better they put a little fish in it and on top you find a black cat trying to catch the fish.

Of course this is the perfect gift for a cat lover that need to read time.

If you like cats and need a new clock then why not get one with a fishing cat on it?

Come check out this Fishing Cat Clock.

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