buy Box Of Cats Birthday Card

Box Of Cats Birthday Card

Now there is this fun Box Of Cats Birthday Card that you can send to all your friends that like cats.

On the card you can see sparkles on the top and then there is a box with two cats inside it and they are wearing birthday hats. Besides the box, it says “Happy Birthday! Just another year closer to being that crazy cat lady.”.

It is is just a fun card that you can send to anyone that wants more and more cats and has their birthday coming.

You can get this birthday card in different sizes and they come with an envelope and there is a greeting card version too all with the same cat design.

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buy Elephant Love Greeting Card

Elephant Love Greeting Card

If you like to send the love in your life a fun car then check out this elephant love greeting card.

The card shows a cute elephant sitting down with some flowers with hearts next to it and the elephant is blowing a lot of red hearts through his trunk.

A card like this is great as a Valentine’s Day card or any other occasion your like to make clear how much you love the love of your life.

You can get this elephant greeting card in many sizes like normal card sizes all the way to a giant 7.8 x 11 inches.

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buy Smiling Horse Birthday Card

Smiling Horse Birthday Card

Smiling Horse Birthday Card

If you know a horse lover who is having a birthday then be sure to get this card for them.

This amusing birthday card has the picture of a beautiful black and brown horse’s head showing his teeth, just as if he is smiling and it has the words “Smile! It’s your birthday!”.

This smiling horse birthday card is printed on heavy card stock with a glossy finish and the inside is blank so you can fill it up with your own personal message.

This greeting card comes in three sizes 5” x 7”, 4” x 5.6” and 8.5” x 11” and comes with a white envelope.

Have some fun and send the equestrian in your life this Smiling Horse Birthday Card.

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buy Giraffe Personalized Greeting Card

Giraffe Personalized Greeting Card

Giraffe Personalized Greeting Card

On this card you will find two giraffe’s standing tall and side by side with a nice green jungle setting in the background, aswell as your customized saying on the bottom. On the inside and back you will also get a high quality picture of the two giraffe’s in a different pose.

With this card there is so many ways to customize it starting with the way you want the print to look. so pick out your greetings and send some happiness.

Send someone special this Giraffe Personalized Greeting Card.

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buy Moorry Christmas Cow Greeting Card

Moorry Christmas Cow Greeting Card

Moo-rry Christmas card

Christmas is the time of year that we send each other cards and if you like cows then this can be your Christmas card this year.

This postcard style card shows a cow on the front with a Santa hat on and some green around her neck this cow is just ready for Christmas. And then the cow says “Moo-rry Christmas”.

just imagine sending out a fun greeting card like this with Christmas.

People that like cows are gone love it and others are still liking it as it is just so cute.

You can never start to wary with writing this Christmas cards so don’t wait come get your Moorry Christmas Cow Greeting Card.

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buy Golden Retriever Birthday Card

Golden Retriever Birthday Card

Looking for the perfect birthday card for a friend that loves golden retrievers?

How about this one that shows the cute dog in bed wearing pajamas holding his plush bear and wearing a Happy Birthday hat.

The card is so cute even though the dog does not seem to be all awake yet.

And you can get this birthday card in a normal size or a jumbo one for if you need to send a nice card from a bunch of people.

No more boring cards that you seen in store a thousand time because you can have something special that they birthday friend didn’t see yet.

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buy Panda Bear Birthday Card

Panda Bear Birthday Card

Giant Panda Birthday card

Are you looking for a cute birthday card with lots of space to write on then this is your card.

The inside of this greeting card is blank and that means plenty of space to write and then on the front it says “Happy Birthday” and it shows a picture of a fun Panda and this one is upside down and seem to have fun.

Kids and adults can both enjoy a card like this as it’s cute and has a funny animal on it.

And yes a card with a giant panda on it also comes in giant sizes. You can get this card as normal greeting card size but also as a jumbo card of 8.5 x 11 inch and all come with a white envelope so that you are all set to mail it.

Come and take a much closer look at this fun Panda Bear Birthday Card.

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buy Dog Card

Dog Card

Dog greeting card

Do you have a lot of loved ones or friends that live far away? Are you always writing to them, if so why not use this cute dog card.

These cute pink dog greeting card features a photo of a cute black and white dog being curious of the bubble by his nose trying to figure out what it is.

It comes as a standard size greeting card measuring at 100 x 150mm (4” x 6”) with a blank inside and a great writing surface for you to write your letter on with and of course an envelope included.

They would make the perfect gift to anyone who has a love for dogs or even just put it in a frame and hang it on your wall for decoration.

Start writing your pen pals, friends or family on this cute Dog And Bubble Greeting Card.

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buy Horses Stable Mates Poster

Horses Stable Mates Poster

A horse is a magnificent creature that is so unique in its own way, powerful and majestic all in one. The only thing better than a great picture of a horse is two horses.

This print features a picture of two horse heads peeking out of a stable, and that is exactly how we come up with the title for this picture “Stable Mates”.

This is a high quality print that is acid free on a matboard with a foam backing, available in a choice of 3 matboard colors, black, white and off white and measures a total of approximately 16 inches x 20 inches.

You can also find this beautiful print as a Horses Stable Mates greeting card.

Get your Horses Stable Mates Poster

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buy Sweet White Kitten Postcards

Sweet White Kitten Postcards

Cute kitten postcard

Kittens are so adorable, sweet and soft furry little animals.

Do you like to send cards to your friends and family from out of town? If you love kittens this postcard will be great for you.

It has a picture of a cute white baby kitten on top of the table standing up to smell the pretty flowers.

This cute kitten postcard is 4.25 x 5.6 inches is size. Printed on ultra heavyweight paper card stock with a gloss finish and a blank back for your message.

If you have a special love for kittens and love sending special messages to friends and family all over the world. You should send them on these Sweet White Kitten Greetings Card.

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