buy Turtle Head Childs T-Shirt

Turtle Head Childs T-Shirt

Turtle head kids t-shirt

Well this special Turtle will stay out of his shell to be with your child where every they go.

The turtle head t shirt is 100% cotton with a big picture of a turtle head almost covering the whole front part of the shirt.

It comes is youth sizes from S, M, L and XL

This Turtle will be keeping a close eye on your kids surroundings when there outside playing while their wearing this special t shirt.

The turtle might be slow but it wont slow your kid down. Let your child be a turtle in this unique Turtle Head T-Shirt.

buy Horse Print Skirt

Horse Print Skirt

Horse Skirt

Do you love the country style living?

If you love horses and like to dress up your daughter. This girls horse print skirt would be the perfect choice to make.

This beautiful girls camel coloured skirt has a pretty horse pattern design with flowers covering the whole skirt. It is 100% cotton with a elasticated waist band and a pretty grosgrain bow. And this skirt comes in sizes that will fits girls from 3 to 13 years.

This elegant skirt is perfect to wear to places such as birthday party’s, school concerts, Sunday school and lots of other functions.

Send your daughter out to her next special function in this unique Belle Horse Print Skirt.

buy Goat Head T Shirt

Goat Head T Shirt

Goat head t-shirt

Goats are amazing animals to look at they have their own strange way of doing things. And now you can carry around you own goat. This t-shirt shows a head of a goat staring at you as you are it’s friend.

It is 100% cotton t shirt, and is a very comfortable fit. And this goat t-shirt comes a wide selection of kids and adult sizes to make this goat face stick out of a perfectly fitting t-shirt.

This  hand dyed beautiful unique design t shirt as a 3D picture of a goats head almost covering the whole front with a cloud in the sky for the background.

So if you love goats and love to sight see. On your next trip to the zoo or a farm you can wear this unique Goat Head T-Shirt.

buy Penguin Eye T-Shirt

Penguin Eye T-Shirt

Penguin Eye T-Shirt

This penguin Eye t-shirt is great for people of all ages, and can be lots of fun for everyone to be able to create the perfect shirt for yourself. This one is loose fitted and comfortable, and made from 6oz pre shrunk 100% cotton.

These fun looking t-shirts can be customized to any style you’d like, you can choose from 126 different styles  and 32 colors.
So that you and you family all can feel like a penguin.

You can make this into a family fun thing for everyone in your family.

Feel like a bird by simply wearing this Penguin Eye T-Shirt.

buy Black And Pink Horse Rain Boots

Black And Pink Horse Rain Boots

Kids rain boots with horses

Do you kids like horses?

If they do then they will love these rain boots that are covered with pictures of horses.

The rain boots are black with a pink top edge and sole and on the black you can see pictures of running horses in all kind of colors.

These horse rain boots come in a wide range of toddler and kids sizes.
And these boots are made from rubber with a knit lining and a non slip rubber sole.

Kids can now play in the mud and walk in the rain all without getting wet feet.

Come have a closer look at these Black And Pink Horse Rain Boots.

buy Shark Rain Boots

Shark Rain Boots

Shark Rain Boots for kids

Shark love water and kids love water so why not get your kids some shark rain boots.

These rain boots are light blue and grey and have a smiling shark on them. The outside of these rain boots is rubber and that will keep your kids feet dry when they are playing in the rain.

These shark rain boots come in sizes 7 – 12 for toddlers and little kids and they will all love these boots.

So why not keep their feet dry while they wear somethings they like, So get them these Shark Rain Boots.

buy Panda Bear Plush T-Shirt

Panda Bear Plush T-Shirt

Cute panda t-shirt

Do you like plush animals and t-shirt’s?

If you do then this could be the perfect combination.

On this t-shirt you can see a panda bear sitting and he looks so much like a plush toy.

This panda t-shirt comes in all kind of styles and sizes for men, women, kids and even babies.
So it does not matter who you are this could be you next t-shirt.

Come and have a closer look at all the options of this Panda Bear T-Shirt.

buy Tiny Elephant Baby Bodysuit

Tiny Elephant Baby Bodysuit

Tiny Elephant Baby Bodysuit
Cute little elephants are great for on anything but this young elephant is holding a little heart on top of his trunk and that of course looks extra cute.

And then they printed it on this infant bodysuit witch comes in long and short sleeve in a bunch of fresh colors.

The bodysuit is available in sizes 3 – 24 months.

And if you don’t have a little baby any more but like the design so much then you are in luck as it is also available as kids and adult t-shirts.

Come and have a much closer look at this Tiny Elephant Baby Bodysuit.


buy Giraffe Kids Animal Slippers

Giraffe Kids Animal Slippers

Giraffe Kids Animal Slippers

How can you keep your kids feet warm?

I know it is difficult to make them wear anything around the house.
But maybe if you get them some fun footwear that would change.

These slippers are giraffes nice and plush and with the long neck sticking out in front.

And these giraffe slippers come in a wide range of toddler and kids sizes.

Get their feet warm by putting them in these Giraffe Animal Slippers.

buy Santa Frog T-Shirt

Santa Frog T-Shirt

Does a frog celebrate the christmas holidays?

Of course a frog does, have a look at this t-shirt that features a very cute green frog that is sitting down and just to make sure that it is in the Christmas spirit you will notice the frog is wearing a Santa hat.

This t-shirt will be very comfortable and durable, made from 100% cotton you can get this Santa frog t-shirt in a wide variety of sizes and many different styles for men, women and kids.

Get your Santa Frog T-Shirt