buy Funny Goat Magnet

Funny Goat Magnet

Funny goat magnet


Just imagine a fridge magnet that makes you smile every time you look at it.

This is that magnet and on this magnet you can see a goat with an interesting expression on it’s face.
Almost like he does not understand why you have all that stuff in your fridge.

The goat magnet comes in round a square versions in a range of sizes.

So if you like goats then come check out this Funny Goat Magnet.

buy Elephant Head 3D Magnet

Elephant Head 3D Magnet

Turn your fridge into a 3D jungle.

This is an elephant magnet that features a 3D head, find the trunk sticking out and up with tusks and ears all very well detailed to look realistic and cute.

Hand crafted from very durable stone resin it is sculpted to perfection and hand painted for a fabulous look, the elephant magnet  measures approximately 2 inches x 2 inches and is a very strong magnet that will hold securely to all steel surfaces.

Get your Elephant Head 3D Magnet

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Moose In The Water Fridge Magnet

Male moose fridge magnet

This magnet shows a big male moose enjoying a bath in a body of water.

Moose are funny animals that I always enjoy watching and interacting with them. And I am one of those lucky people who has seen moose real close in the wild and in captivity.

On this fridge magnet your can see the big antlers on the moose and that makes this magnet a fun thing to have.

You can get this magnet in a round or square shape so that it fits with all your other animal magnets.

Come check out this fun Moose Fridge Magnet.

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Koala Magnet

Koala photo magnet

Magnets are fun because they can be used on so many places and they make it feel so much fun.

This magnet has a picture of a Koala in a tree on it.
The Koala seems to be completly focues on you.

And this photo magnet comes in different styles. You can get in square just like on the picture or in a round version with the same koala on it.

Bring you fridge to life with this Koala Photo Magnet.

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