Surfing Dogs 2012 Calendar

2012 Surfing Dogs Calendar

Surfing and dogs come together to create this cool and classic Surfing dogs 2012 calendar.

The surfing dogs calendar has a different dog picture each month and uses high quality pictures to depict this fun and unique Surfing dogs calendar.

When this calendar is open it measures 12 inches x 24 inches, and is a must have for all you dog lovers.

Get your Surfing Dogs 2012 Calendar.

Dalmatian iPhone Case

Dog Dalmatian iphone 4 case

How about an new case for your iPhone 4?

This case shows a Dalmation on it.

The case is made of hard plastic to protect you iPhone from impact and other harm.

And the dog on it is just there to make you smile. The white case shows a Dalmation sitting in the middle.

If you want a watchfull Dalmation on you iPhone case then come check out this Dalmation iPhone 4 Case.

Beware Of Dog Clothing

Beware of dog dog jacket

Your dog can’t get cold and to prefent that you want your dog to look great and feel warm.

This dog shirt will keep your dog warm and look amazing. You can get this shirt for dogs from 0 – 86+ lbs.

And to make this dog shirt even more fun they printed a “beware of dog” sign on it with some paw prints.

Now people who are afraid of dogs can scream harder and dog lovers can laugh just because of this fun piece of dog clothing.

Dress up your dog with this Beware Of Dog, Dog Shirt. 

Golden Retriever Floormat

Golden Retriever Floormat

A dog is man’s best friend.

A Golden Retriever is everybody’s best friend. This is a great product for the Golden Retriever fan with a great quality print of this friendly family dog sitting down just checking things out like they usually do for most of the time. This Golden Retriever floormat measures 18 x 27 inches and is ideal to throw down in any room with its soft cushiony feel and great artwork.

Find your Golden Retriever Floormat.

Boxer Cookie Jar

Boxer cookie jar for dog lovers

A cookie a day keeps the doctor away is my saying and that means that I use a lot of cookie jars but this one is one I really want to add to my collection.

This white porcelain cookie jar has a black a white drawing of a boxer on it.

The art work for on this cookie jar is done by Vladimir Tzenov who is famous for his amazing art.

Dog lovers all over will be wanting cookies out of this cookie jar.

So wait no longer and go check out this Boxer Cookie Jar.

Dog Getting The Paper Poster

Mix bread dog holding the paper in black in white poster

This is an amazing looking poster of a dog holding the paper in a field.

It’s a poster that comes in different sizes and get come framed if you want it.

This poster is in black and white but has an amazing detail that makes it a piece of art that any dog lover would enjoy on it’s walls.

Just go check out this Dog with Paper Black And White Poster.

Sleeping Puppy Mousepad

Sleeping baby dog on a mouse pad

There we have the perfect mousepad with a cute litle baby dog taking a nap.

Everybody love puppies and besides being happy active animals they also love to rest.

This puppy really takes it’s time dreaming of becoming a big dog.

And everybody needs a nice mousepad so this it you way of getting a mousepad that looks awesome on your desk.

Go have a closer look at this super cute Sleeping Puppy MousePad.

Pug Got Coffee T-Shirt

pug needs coffee t-shirt

The pug on this t-shirt looks like a dog that is missing the energy it needs to get through the day.

And that of course is why there is the text “Got Coffee?” below the picture of the pug.

You have to admit that this dog t-shirt is fun for any one not just dog lovers.

And it does not matter who you are this pug design is availible for adults, kids and even babies.

If you feel like this pug in the morning then maybe you should get this Pug Got Coffee T-Shirt.

Yellow Lab T-Shirt

Labrador t-shirt

A yellow t-shirt with a yellow lab on it.

Yes this Labrador is judging you or at least that is the look he seem to have in his eyes.

And yes this t-shirt is the same as worn in the Hangover 2 movie.

But more importantly this is a t-shirt with a labrador on it and that is why you just want to own this t-shirt.

So wait no longer and go get your own Yellow Labrador T-Shirt.