Sea Otter Plush

Aurora cali otter flopsi plush otter

How cute is this?

Yes I know it is really cute.

This is a 12″ plush sea otter made by Aurora Plush. And Aurora means quality.

Like most Auroa Plush toys the eyes and nose are embroiderd so that you as parent don’t have to worry about eyes being swallowed by your kids.

And this sea is so soft that you and you kids will have to fight over who can cuddle with it next. This otter is holding a sea star that he found on it’s quest down the ocean.

Have a closer look and see what others think of this Sea Otter Plush Toy.

Rock And Trot Rocking Horse Plush Toy

Rock And Trot Rocking Horse Plush Toy

This Rock and Trot rocking horse plush toy is the perfect gift for a little horse fan.

A Mellissa and Doug product with amazing attention to detail you know for sure that this rocking horse is great quality.

Featuring a realistic saddle and bridle, this is a super soft horse made from plush and when you press the ear it makes a galloping sound. The Mellissa and Doug rock and trot rocking horse is very sturdy and can hold up to 150 pounds, so saddle up and get riding.

Get your Rock And Trot Rocking Horse Plush Toy.

Moose Canned Plush

Moose Canned Critter

Anyone for some canned Moose?

No this canned Moose is not going to fill your appetite in your stomach, instead it will fill your appetite in your brain.

The canned moose is an absolutley adorable plush Moose that comes from a 16 oz can, a great gift that you couldn’t resist but love. It also comes with information about Moose, it’s habitat, characteristics and history.

Get your Moose Canned Plush.

“Breathing” Plush Panda Cub

Sweet Dreams, Panda Cub Plush Animal

How cute is this?   And how great of an idea is this!

This Panda bear cub is a soft and cudly plush Panda cub, but that is not it…This Panda cub makes real life breathing movements a noise. You will not believe how awsome this is untill you tuck your little one into bed and watch as this friendly Panda cub slowly breathes and sends your little one into a deep sleep full of counting Pandas and Sweet Dreams.

This Panda comes with a Safari Bundle of accessories including a pillow, brush, collar, tag, tote and batteries. Measures 10″ in length.

Get your Sweet Dreams, “Breathing” Plush Panda Cub.

Sea Turtle Plush

Turtle Plush Toy

How about a new plush animal for you collection?

This is a sea turtle who loves to cuddle and who is great for young and old.

Kids will love to play with this turtle and older people like it as decorating for there home.

This sea turtle plush is 14 inch long and has great details and most importantly is soft and cuddly.

Get a great new plush animal in your home with this Sea Turtle Plush.

Hippopotamus Plush

Hippopotamus Plush

The unmistakeable wrinkly face of a Hippopotamus is always a great sight to see, this large water loving mammal in its plush form is the perfect snuggly bed time companion or that best friend  to go on all road trips. This Hippo has great little features like different colors on the bottom of it’s feet and the tuffs of fur on the end of the tail and ears, it is high quality so give this Hippopotamus push as much love and hugs as you can.

Get your Hippopotamus Plush.

buy Giraffe Plush 5 Feet

Giraffe Plush 5 Feet

Melissa & Doug Giraffe Plush 5 Feet

The tall and gentle giant.

The Giraffe, so much grace and fun in a huge animal this Giraffe stands 5 feet tall on its own and is super soft beacause it is plush and it has the friendliest and cutest face with so much realistic detail like it’s beautiful eyelashes and ears.

This Giraffe is a Melissa & Doug product a name we all trust for great quality, and it will be the center of your play room for sure.

How cute will it be to see your little one snuggled up for bed with a 5 foot Giraffe.

Get your Mellissa & Doug Giraffe Plush 5 Feet.