Ladybug Blanket

ladybug throw blanket

Lady bugs are so cute that almost any one loves to see them.

Now you can even see them on a cold night while you snuggle with this Ladybug blaket.

This 100% cotton blanket looks so great with a bunch of ladybugs crawling on it in search of there favorite food.

Now you can keep warm with this 54 x 70 inch blanket.

Don’t wait till it get to cold just order your own Ladybug Blanket.

Tiger Road Sign

Tiger Crossing yellow sign

It does not matter where you want to tell the world about the tiger crossing, it could be indoor but just as well outdoor this yellow sign is made of rust prove alumium so it will survive.

This road sign is 12 x 12 inches and shows a Tiger and the words “Tiger Crossing” of course this would be a great sign for keeping people out of you yard because who likes to be jumped at by a tiger.

The tiger crossing sign has pre drilled holes so that you can just easily hang it where ever you prefer.

Go get your own Tiger Crossing Sign.

Boxer Cookie Jar

Boxer cookie jar for dog lovers

A cookie a day keeps the doctor away is my saying and that means that I use a lot of cookie jars but this one is one I really want to add to my collection.

This white porcelain cookie jar has a black a white drawing of a boxer on it.

The art work for on this cookie jar is done by Vladimir Tzenov who is famous for his amazing art.

Dog lovers all over will be wanting cookies out of this cookie jar.

So wait no longer and go check out this Boxer Cookie Jar.

Sea Turtle Plush

Turtle Plush Toy

How about a new plush animal for you collection?

This is a sea turtle who loves to cuddle and who is great for young and old.

Kids will love to play with this turtle and older people like it as decorating for there home.

This sea turtle plush is 14 inch long and has great details and most importantly is soft and cuddly.

Get a great new plush animal in your home with this Sea Turtle Plush.

Cow Mousepad

Cows mousepad

Cows are such a interesting animals and this mousepad proves that again.

Just look at how interested this cow is in your work.

And besides the one cow that is staring at you there is also one in the back.
The mousepad is even better because of how nice it looks with the blue sky and the green grass you really feel like you are outside and that while you are working behind you computer.

Time to change mousepad and just replace it with this Cows Mousepad.

Rabbit Address Labels

Rabbit address labels

Address labels are so handy to have because now you don’t have to write you address so often any more. Great for mail or to tag you belongings.

These address labels have a picture of a rabbit. The manufacturar says a Ducth breed and I can say that this could be true as when I was a little boy in Holland (yes I am originally Ducth) I had a rabbit just like this.

You can have 4 lines of text on the labels and they come in a set of 132 or 264 labels so you will have enough to get all your mail addressed quickly.

Go check out these nice Rabbit Address Labels.

Black Cat Earrings

black cat earrings

Special jewelry for cat lovers is not hard to find but to find some special items that will last and look amazing that is a different story.

But we found these nice black cat earrings that are made out light weigth ceramic and are hand painted.

The shinny color of these cat earrrings will catch the light and make them look even more amazing.

Extend your car jewelry collection with these Black Cat Earrings.

Hippopotamus Key Chain

Hippopotamus Key Chain

A hippopotamus key chain that is much more fun then a boring key chain.

And this key chain of course has your favorite animal the hippo.

ThisĀ hippopotamus is made of stone resin and hand finished and that of course stands for a special product that not everyone owns.

Stop using boring key chains start with a new one like this Hippopotamus Key Chain.

Dog Getting The Paper Poster

Mix bread dog holding the paper in black in white poster

This is an amazing looking poster of a dog holding the paper in a field.

It’s a poster that comes in different sizes and get come framed if you want it.

This poster is in black and white but has an amazing detail that makes it a piece of art that any dog lover would enjoy on it’s walls.

Just go check out this Dog with Paper Black And White Poster.