buy Cat Feisty Pets Plush

Cat Feisty Pets Plush

No longer do plush animals look cute and adorable and it all started with this plush cat that is part of the Fiesty Pets series.

The plush cat is an orange cat and looks adorable and cute but then when you lightly squeezes his head his true self comes out and that includes mean looking eyes and sharp teeth.

The plush orange cat is about 8 inches tall and loves to take over your life.

Sure you can play and cuddle with it and it’s good for kids too but be careful about touching its head because the cat’s dark side may show.

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buy Blue Baby Pups Dog Plush

Blue Baby Pups Dog Plush

If you are looking for a blue puppy for you child then this plush dog from Ty is what you need.

The plush dog is about 8.3 inches tall and rated ages 3 months and up and the dog is white with light blue spots (also available with pink spots) and can quickly become your child’s best friend.

Puppies are cute and this plush one is super cute too and he looks different and special thanks to his blue spots.

Make a child smile by surprising them with this plush made by Ty.

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buy Webkinz 8.5 Inch Tall Plush Reindeer

Webkinz 8.5 Inch Tall Plush Reindeer

Now you can have your own reindeer just like Santa only this one does not pull flying sleighs but this reindeer does love to cuddle and play.

The reindeer is part of the Webkinz series and he looks amazing with his big antlers on top of his head.

The plush reindeer is 8.5 inches tall and is rated ages 6 and up and I am sure that besides Christmas this reindeer is always ready to play and he loves other plush animals to so he would be a great addition to your plush animal farm.

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buy 21 Inch Tall Boston Terrier Plush Animal

21 Inch Tall Boston Terrier Plush Animal

If you would like a giant plush dog then you need to check out this Boston Terrier plush.

The plush animal is made by Melissa & Dog and looks just like a normal Boston Terrier only maybe bigger.

If you want to cuddle a plush dog then this 21 inches tall Boston Terrier is ready for you and sure he maybe a little bit big but he looks so cute that you would almost trade in your real dog for something so amazing as this plush animal.

The plush dog is rated ages 36 months and up so kids that want a dog or adults that want a cute plush are all in luck.

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buy Plush Owl Baby Toy

Plush Owl Baby Toy

This plush owl is adorable and perfect for babies.

The owl looks round almost like a ball with amazing details and wings hanging on the side that make crinkling sounds when your child touches them. The owl also has a rattle inside.

A fun plush animal like this is great to teach babies new sounds and textures.

The owl is about 6 x 6 inch and you can hang the bird as well so that you child can look at it while in the stroller, bed or car.

A fun plush toy like this is what every child needs and if you are an adult owl collector then this should not be missing in your collection either.

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buy Rocco The Plush Fox Toy From Gund

Rocco The Plush Fox Toy From Gund

Super cute and stylish plush fox toy from Gund, named “Rococo”, is a sure win towards unbridled happiness from any wee one who gets their hands on this gentle friend!

Rococo the red fox is intentionally designed to be “gender neutral” and is great for boys and girls of all ages and backgrounds. What does the fox say? Well your kids will tell you when they hold this adorable buddy close to their ears! He will say adorable and positive and loving things no doubt!

Cleaning the fox toy is so easy because Rococo is 100% machine washable! Perfectly sized at 8 x 8 x 6″ and weighing in at an appropriate 4 ounces of joy.

This is quality, as you know, for over 100 years, Gund has lead the plush market! And this part of the babyGUND line is a notable addition to it’s First Forever Friend Collection.

Got-to-getta Gund?! The adorably cute seated plush fox features a rust and white design that is guaranteed to please!

Perfect for wee ones, lovers of quality, animal lovers and people with a sense of style and smarts! Pick up one or two of these “on the sly”, like the fox it represents!

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buy Digger The Dog Plush Toy

Digger The Dog Plush Toy

A girl or boy and her/his dog! They can be inseparable. And with the “Stuffies” concept of stuffed animal, they will be loyal protectors of their things! This wonderful friend has 7 secret pockets inside, for keeping your child’s favourite treasures safe and organized!

But don’t take our word for it! This item was the winner of the “National Parenting Center’s 2012 Seal of Approval” as well as “A Parents’ choice Classic, Fun Stuff Award Winner”! It seems this pet project is everyone’s best friend!

This amazing bundle of joy includes a 33 page interactive story book, full of rhymes, puzzles and illustrations that match Digger’s theme!

The stuff able Digger the Dog is super soft and super sized! What is not to love?

Pick this steal up for your family and their friends! Doggie bags to go? It keeps things organized, teaches lessons and provides companionship! Trifecta pet perfection that provides the warm fuzzies! Great as a birthday gift or a “just because I love you” surprise.

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buy Giant Easter Bunny Plush

Giant Easter Bunny Plush

If you would like to see the Easter Bunny every day of the year then this is the plush to get yourself.

This giant bunny is white with a pink nose and has a purple ribbon around it’s neck.

As you can see on the photo this plush rabbit is huge, it’s almost 5 feet wide and that makes it a great Easter decoration piece to for at home or for maybe even a window display for a store.

If you are into plush animals and Easter then this bunny is something you can’t live without.

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buy Giant 26 Inch Koala Bear Plush

Giant 26 Inch Koala Bear Plush

Sure you can buy koala bear plush toys but they most times are just small. But you are in luck because we found you a koala plush that is almost life size.

This plush toy is 26 inch tall and yes ¬†it’s super cute and loves to cuddle.

The kola is grey of course and is holding it’s hand together as it is a bit shy and it is wearing a fancy red bow to.

A plush that is more the 2 feet tall is just super fun to own and yes even adults are allowed to get one because they like to cuddle to.

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buy Plush Burrow Bunny

Plush Burrow Bunny

Is this a plush version of the Easter bunny and if so did it bring candy?

I don’t know the answer to that question but what I do know is that this is a plush fluffy rabbit that loves to cuddle.

This 14″ plush is made by Melissa & Doug and looks adorable, if you would see one in real life you just want to cuddle it and it does not matter if you are a kid or adult it just wants to cuddle.

This super soft plush bunny is a great animal to have as it just like to hang out with you all day long even when you are a sleep.

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